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For seven years, we've delivered strategic events to the Australian Care Sector.

With the introduction of the new Aged Care Act in 2024, this year we’re bringing our suite of Aged Care events together to address the above challenges.  


Over two days, each event will have specialised keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, and interactive workshops tailored to the needs of each care sector audience. While each event is separate, they all offer the opportunity for delegates to network and explore solutions with vendors in each of the three critical areas.  


What distinguishes our event is the focus on how an open dialogue between sector leadership and policy makers can drive change across these critical areas.  


If you would like to meet, engage, and partner with Aged Care leaders across Quality, Safety, Risk, Compliance, Care, Workforce, HR, Funding & Finance, you need to be at the National Aged Care Convention 2024.  


National Aged Care Convention
Advisory Board

These senior Aged Care sector leaders have drawn on their experience and insight to help shape this year’s agenda and speaker lineup for the 2024 National Aged Care Convention.

Paul Sadler

Consultant Aged Care

Paul Sadler Consultancy

Catherine Daley


integratedliving Australia

Doug Macoll



Patrick Reid



Dr Anat Hassner

Chief People and Strategy Officer


Grant Corderoy

Senior Partner


Sandra Glaister

Chief of Quality and Governance

Southern Cross Care QLD

Sabrina Scandurra

Director of Quality & Clinical Governance


Arianna Mason

General Manager of People, Culture and Strategy

Fresh Hope Communities

Laura Haylen

Director of Aged Care Policy

Catholic Health Care

Rameez Hassan

Group Manager - Strategy, Quality and Improvement


Dave Izzard

National Executive Advisor, Aged Care

Calvary Health Care

Co-Located Aged Care Forums

At our recent events, it became abundantly clear that to ensure organisations in Australia’s Care Sector can adapt to the challenging regulatory, workforce,  business, financial and ever-changing technology landscape – Care sector CEOs, CFOs, CROs, Chief People Officers, HR Directors and Directors of Care, Quality, Risk, Safety and Funding would need to be more dynamic, coordinated and capable of driving organisational change.   


Our research also shows that Aged Care leaders are focusing their efforts on overcoming three critical areas:  

  • Compliance with Quality Standards and Regulatory Requirements 

  • Workforce Shortages and Skills Gaps 

  • Financial Sustainability Amid Rising Costs and Funding Pressures 

Connecting providers with digital, physical, and knowledge-based solutions to improve quality, compliance, and risk management.

Senior leaders and executives from aged care providers responsible for: 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Clinical governance  

  • Risk management 

  • Regulatory reform and compliance  

  • Care Operations 

  • Strategy development 

  • Operational and process improvement 

  • Innovation 

  • Service delivery 

  • Client engagement 

HCR Logo_vertical.png

Guiding aged care providers towards financial resilience with innovative funding strategies, operational efficiency, and sustainable care models.

Senior leaders and executives from home care providers responsible for: 

  • Home care coordination 

  • Support at Home reform 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Clinical governance 

  • Risk management 

  • Strategy Development 

  • Operational and process improvement 

  • Finance 

  • Service delivery 

  • Innovation 

  • Client Engagement 

Connecting aged care providers with enhanced recruitment and retention strategies, advanced workforce automation, and comprehensive training solutions.

Senior leaders and executives from Aged Care sectors who are involved in:

  • Human Resources

  • Workforce Planning

  • People and Culture

  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

  • Staffing and Resourcing

  • Workforce Engagement

  • Workforce Operations

  • Process Improvement

  • Service Delivery

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