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With over 50% of Aged Care Providers operating in the red, it’s no secret that providers are encountering unprecedented financial challenges. 


With the impending introduction of the new Aged Care Act in 2025 and the 2024 findings of the final report of the Aged Care Taskforce, these challenges are in the context of ensuring that their fiscal management strategies are robust and align with the stringent compliance and operational requirements dictated by the new legislative landscape. 


To sustain financial viability while delivering safe and high-quality care, it is imperative for Aged Care financial leaders to adopt innovative financial management practices, cost-efficiency measures, and effective investment strategies in cutting-edge technologies. 


This national forum will convene finance professionals from Australia’s leading aged care organisations to address critical issues such as optimizing funding under new models, enhancing financial reporting and transparency, and strengthening financial governance. The forum aims to equip providers with insights and tools to bolster financial performance, explore new revenue streams, and ensure the overall financial sustainability of their services.


Key Delegate Challenges

  • Navigate government funding and regulatory changes to secure financial sustainability in aged care 

  • Implement financial management and cost control strategies to optimise operational expenses in aged care 

  • Assess the ROI of technology and innovation investments for efficiency and improved care in aged care 

  • Diversify revenue streams and identify alternative funding sources to enhance aged care financial stability 

  • Develop robust risk management and compliance frameworks to mitigate financial and reputational risks in aged care 

  • Manage workforce productivity and labor costs effectively amidst shortages and rising wages in aged care 

  • Execute strategic financial planning for resilience and sustainability in the evolving aged care sector 

  • Forge collaborations and partnerships that contribute to financial sustainability in aged care 

Connecting providers with digital, physical, and knowledge-based solutions to improve quality, compliance, and risk management.

Senior leaders and executives from aged care providers responsible for: 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Clinical governance  

  • Risk management 

  • Regulatory reform and compliance  

  • Care Operations 

  • Strategy development 

  • Operational and process improvement 

  • Innovation 

  • Service delivery 

  • Client engagement 

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Guiding aged care providers towards financial resilience with innovative funding strategies, operational efficiency, and sustainable care models.

Senior leaders and executives from home care providers responsible for: 

  • Home care coordination 

  • Support at Home reform 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Clinical governance 

  • Risk management 

  • Strategy Development 

  • Operational and process improvement 

  • Finance 

  • Service delivery 

  • Innovation 

  • Client Engagement 

Connecting aged care providers with enhanced recruitment and retention strategies, advanced workforce automation, and comprehensive training solutions.

Senior leaders and executives from Aged Care sectors who are involved in:

  • Human Resources

  • Workforce Planning

  • People and Culture

  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

  • Staffing and Resourcing

  • Workforce Engagement

  • Workforce Operations

  • Process Improvement

  • Service Delivery

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