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50% of Aged Care providers say their invoices go through three or more sets of hands to be processed. This excess administrative time is slowing down funding claims and causing stress for overworked Aged Care team members. By leveraging technology solutions like Redmap’s Accounts Payable Automation, which is fully integrated with AlayaCare, providers reduce time-consuming administration and spend more time caring for clients.

McGrathNicol is a specialist Advisory and Restructuring firm, committed to helping businesses improve performance, manage risk, and achieve stability and growth. We work with all parts of the aged care sector and business sizes to make an impact. From the largest multi-entity groups, independent local businesses, government and public sector organisations to not-for-profits and charities. 

In the aged care sector, McGrathNicol stands out for its nuanced understanding of the industry's unique financial and operational landscapes. We assist aged care providers in navigating regulatory changes, optimising financial performance, and supporting divestment or acquisition processes. Our services range from strategic advisory and risk management to turnaround and restructuring support, ensuring sustainable growth and stability for aged care organisations. 

Renowned for delivering expert solutions in financial advisory, transactions, restructuring, and forensic services including technology & cyber services, McGrathNicol plays a pivotal role in guiding organisations through complex business challenges. Our dedicated team combines deep industry expertise with a commitment to excellence, ensuring tailored and effective outcomes for our clients. 

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