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Adam Green

Adam Green

Chief Financial Officer

ACH Group

Adam has been CFO of ACH Group since 2022 – a leading aged care provider in South Australia offering a broad range of services across the aged care spectrum – residential aged care, retirement living and home care & community. Adam role has recently expanded to incorporate sales performance and growth for all divisions.

Prior to ACH Group, Adam was CFO within the community housing and child protection sectors ,playing a key role in delivering financial sustainability to facilitate new housing developments for vulnerable South Australians.

Adam is passionate about driving culture and strategies to deliver financial sustainability to unlock growth opportunities and deliver impactful outcomes for customers and residents.



Building a Financially Sustainable Aged Care Organisation: ACH Group's Insights

  • How ACH Group is embracing a growth mindset and culture of excellence to drive financial and operational resilience and performance across all aged care divisions: Retirement Living, Residential Care, and Home Care offerings.

  • What are some actionable insights and practices that other aged care organisations striving for financial resilience could implement amidst the evolving aged care landscape

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