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Doug MacColl

Doug MacColl

Chief Financial Officer


A versatile and award-winning leader with expertise in finance, risk, data, innovation, governance, and community engagement. Doug has a passion for making a difference and uses his commercial and not for profit experiences to create innovation and success. He has a proven track record of delivering growth, governance, transformation, and turnaround strategies, through inspiring people, innovation, and efficiency.

As CFO at Scalabrini Villages Doug has helped turn around a multi-million deficit into surplus and along the way they have won Employer of Choice Award in 2023 and the Change Champion Award in 2023.

With a varied career that covers everything from Speedo’s through IT to Comic-cons and creating community events that 100.000+ attendees call home Doug is now enjoying creating communities for life and helping the community live easy and Belong whilst also serving on voluntary Boards helping build sustainable sports and communities.



Challenges in sourcing future capital to prepare for upcoming development and re-design

  • How will changing demographics and government compliance exacerbate current financial challenges?

  • What strategies are there for providers to innovate, locate new sources of capital, and improve their financial sustainability?

  • How can providers facilitate necessary developments and redesigns through fostering resilient and skilled workforces?

  • Exploring the benefits of collaboration in sustaining and strengthening the sector

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