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Stuart Flavell

Stuart Flavell

Chief Financial Officer


Stuart Flavell has been with KinCare for over 6 years and is currently their Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to his move into Aged Care, he worked for GE Healthcare, in both Financial and Operational management roles, and the Woolworths group where he was a member of the investment analysis team focused on business transformation projects.

As KinCare CFO Stuart has reshaped the finance function improving retention and engagement within the finance team.

Focusing on his strengths in people leadership, process improvement and data analytics, he has helped deliver both improved financial and operational performance through an emphasis on route cause remediation, cost management, improved cross functional business processes and close working relationships across the KinCare business functions.

Originally from the UK but now located in Western Australia, Stuart has a BA. Hons Accounting & Finance and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.



Innovation in cost control - Adapting to the changing market

  • Analysing the shortcomings of current Aged Care finance systems and opportunities for innovation

  • What adjustments need to be made to the sector’s financial plans in order to adapt to changing consumer needs?

  • How can providers maintain care standards while developing sustainable financial strategies?

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