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Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker

Chief Executive Officer

Think Forward

Thomas is an economist, geographer, and CEO of Think Forward, a not-for-profit organisation founded and run by younger Australians. Think Forward undertakes research, education, and advocacy to inspire intergenerational care and dialogue in policymaking. Tom uses research and data to inform policy making, by advising federal politicians, regularly speaking to the media, giving evidence at parliamentary inquiries, and co-founding the Intergenerational Fairness Coalition, which has over twenty member organisations. In 2023 Tom was appointed to the Federal Government's Aged Care Taskforce, to bring an intergenerational perspective to the deliberations.



Unpacking the Recommendations of the Aged Care Taskforce - Considerations for Aged Care Providers in implementing findings

  • How was the taskforce designed to help improve the Aged Care sector?

  • How do the findings from the Aged Care Taskforce affect current Aged Care costing models?

  • How might factors such as remoteness, differing provider types, and facility sizes impact the implementation of recommendations?

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